Friday, 8 July 2011

::One woman's true account of modern slavery::

SOLD by Zana Muhsen
Dis has to be one of the most moving and disturbing stories i have ever read. "SOLD" is about Zana Muhsen, a young 15 year old and her younger sister, Nadia 14, who lived in Birmingham...their father tricked them into going to Yemen.they willingly went to Yemen thinking that they were going on a "holiday of a life time"...but instead they were sold by their father and thrown into an illegal marriage....they were made slaves and used for sex.

Dis story tells us of a traumatic experience of two young girls n their mother's battle to free her children. i am actually appalled that the government allows this to happen and the way women are treated in remote villages. Dis book shows how people (men) can be so naïve and to misunderstand the Quran and treat their women like slaves.... Dis saddens me to think that this still happens.

Dis book is a good read and is highly recommended.

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