Thursday, 16 June 2011

Gathering @ Chilis's

During lunch or dinner hour, Chili's is always full of ppl...need to wait about 20 minutes, because still a lot of ppl. Finally after 20 minutes, they brought us to our seats...perhh...(lambat gilos ngan nada sweet :p)

klik..klik...klik and ms.Farah

menu of  Our choice :

that's really a lot .... some more i found out that the taste of these drinks are not so nice, did they add plain water to these drinks?
Lemon & Grape
RM 8.95 each

this one taste quite nice and very very worth it. even a big eater, felt soooo full after finished this dish.
Club Taco
RM 24.95

 Monterey Chicken, 
RM 24.95

BBQ Beef Ribs with corn + fries
 rm 46++

Flame Grill Ribeye
with mashed potato + garlic bread + corn
rege rm49++

Molten Chocolate Cake
dlm tu ada aiskrim..sgt sedap
boleh request on busday dpt free tau
 rm 19++

clean and clear.....nampk sangat kitorang lapar....btw, this is the first time we're gathered there.
donno, when we will be gathering like this again



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